Fighting Back Wilders

Geert Wilders says Europe would have fallen with the Hungarians…….


If not for Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Geert Wilders, where would we be?


Geert Wilders: Europe would’ve fallen without the Hungarians

Party for Freedom (PVV) Chairman Geert Wilders’ book is released in Hungary under the title On death list – Islam’s war against the West and me, by Patmos Records.


In the foreword Wilders writes that he’s very proud to present the Hungarian translation of his book. He adds that Hungary is his “second home”, the motherland of his wife Krisztina, “a beautiful, intelligent and brave woman”.


The book has just been released, and according to Hungarian Vigyazo blog, that published some quotes from the book, Wilders praises Hungarians on several pages. He recalls episodes from the Hungarian history, when Hungarians were fighting the Ottoman army. Wilders writes that Hungarians have never given up, and stopped the Muslim invasion of Europe.


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