France: Muslim settlers freezing their ‘mukhara’s off’ in Normandy while waiting to get into the UK…….


There’s plenty of warmth for them further in the south, across the Mediterranean sea. 


Migrants seek refuge in small Normandy port

A year after France dismantled the notorious “Jungle” migrant camp at Calais, nearly 100 Africans can be found living out in the cold in the northern port of Ouistreham.
They survive thanks to donations from local people and despite the systematic intervention of the authorities to close down any encampment.
“It’s hell,” says a 25-year-old man from Sudan.
“Last night we couldn’t sleep in the woods, it rained all the time. But each time we tried to sleep somewhere in the city, the police came to tell us to leave,”  the migrant who gave his name as Badr tells AFP.
Behind him a group of volunteers from this  small city of 9,000 people are handing out food.


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