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Daniel Greenfield: Time to fire Robert Mueller, when an investigation generates crimes, it’s a crime…….


Like I’ve been saying all along, it’s the process that generates any wrong doing, the investigations have not turned up one scintilla of evidence of then candidate-Trump committing any collusion with the Russians to rig the 2016 vote.



When an investigation generates crimes, it’s a crime.

Daniel Greenfield

Petraeus, Obama’s CIA Director, lied to FBI agents about passing classified materials to his mistress. Despite being caught in the lie on a recording, he was never charged for it, as Flynn was. Instead he only pleaded guilty to mishandling classified information and received a slap on the wrist.


While Justice Department personnel had wanted to hold Petraeus accountable, the final decision was made by Attorney General Holder and FBI Director Comey. Lawyers for Petraeus insisted that he couldn’t be charged with lying to the FBI because DOJ guidelines recommend not charging “in situations in which a suspect, during an investigation, merely denies guilt in response to questioning by the government.” Petraeus admitted making false statements, but was never charged over them.


That’s what makes Flynn’s case so striking.


General Petraeus lied about committing a crime. His mishandling of classified information was a serious issue. And yet he was never charged for it.


General Flynn lied about something that was not a crime. His conversations were authorized by officials in the incoming Trump administration. And even by the outgoing Obama administration.


A week before Trump’s inauguration, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said that there was nothing“necessarily inappropriate about contact between members of the incoming administration and foreign officials” because Flynn was “part of the transition team.”


The question had been about Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador.


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