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Finns candidate for president Laura Huhtasaari slams the EU, reminds her somewhat of the Soviet Union…….


She’s my choice, no question about it…

Laura Huhtasaari,presidential candidate, slams EU in her campaign opening: “The EU reminds of the Soviet Union”

Laura Huhtasaari, presidential candidate of The Finns, took pictures with a line of well wishers in her campaign on the “sidewalks” at Hakaniemi market.


According to Huhtasaari, people wanted to talk to her, especially about immigration, the EU, social services and employment.

The actual campaign for Huhtasaari opened about a hour later on the other side of Pitkänsilta in the Kirjantalo building in Kruununhaka. In her speech, she especially slammed the European Union, but not with the well-known words of (Timo) Soini “where the EU is, there’s a problem”. Huhtasaari’s electoral theme is “Taking Finland back”. Huhtasaari is concerned about the current development of freedom of expression and opinion.

– The EU has started to strongly remind of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had an ideology, a dogma, in which there was nothing wrong. So, shut your traps with your grievances and “socialism” will work. Exchange socialism with the word multiculturalism. The EU trolls those critical of the EU and our common tax burdens. So that no one would vote wrong, the EU does not like the referendums, Huhtasaari recalls in her opening campaign speech.

Laura Huhtasaari, the presidential nominee of the True Finns, was able to meet at Hakaniementori on Sunday, December 3.


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