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Sweden: SD politician Kent Ekeroth cleared of assault charges, was only defending himself from violence…….


We can expect all the news media and pundits NOT to issue apologies for their over the top reporting and punditry on the event, smearing and tarring of the man, just because they oppose his legitmate political views…


Sweden Democrat cleared of assault

Published kl 10.15

Sweden Democrat MP Kent Ekeroth has had his conviction for assault overturned by the Court of Appeal in Stockholm.


”The Court of Appeal finds, contrary to the District Court, that the prosecution has been unable to disprove Kent Ekeroth’s plea of self-defence”, the Svea Court of Appeal said in a statement.


Ekeroth had been found guilty of assault by the Stockholm District Court in June, after allegedly hitting a man outside a Stockholm nightclub in November last year.


He had faced being ejected from the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats if the original verdict had been upheld.


Ekeroth is one of the most senior members of the Sweden Democrats, having served as the party’s international secretary and as a member of the parliamentary Justice Committee.



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