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Germany: Nail bomb found near Potsdam Christmas market……..


Germany under Merkel and Co. haven’t learned a damn thing…


Christmas market TERROR: ‘NAIL BOMB’ found near Potsdam market – Police hunting for more

GERMAN police are on high alert after a bomb was discovered at a Christmas Market in Potsdam, near Berlin.



Officers confirmed the bustling Potsdam market, 18 miles from Berlin, was evacuated following concerns over a “suspicious object”.


Officials later confirmed the package was an improvised explosive device before further investigations found the package was packed with nails.


A convoy of special forces made their way to the scene on Brandenburger Strasse, along with a bomb disposal unit specialised in dealing with homemade devices.


The weapon has since been disarmed by officials, with people on the scene reporting a loud bang as it was obliterated by a water cutter – however officers are hunting for any other devices that may have been delivered around the area.


The object was described by the Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten newspaper as a package measuring 40×50 cm.


It was sent to a nearby Pharmacy as a “special delivery” – but as the shop’s owner opened the package he discovered “some weird wires poking through” and informed the authorities.


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