Finland: Neo-Nazi Nordic Front Movement disbanded by Finnish court…….


I eagerly await the outing by the Finnish media, leading to a total banning of the Muslim Brotherhood in Finland if subversive groups are going to be declared illegal by Finnish courts.


In the US, we have this thing called the 1st amendment, and under it no group can be banned for having espoused hateful rhetoric, nor violence. The former is a given, the latter demands an immediate call to violence, not just violent rhetoric. However, in the Finnish context, if you’re going to be consistent, then the very next logical step is to ban many Muslim groups in Finland who are shielded under the veneer of exercise of religion. That needs to be stripped away and prosecuted as a violent political movement.


Finnish court bans Neo-Nazi movement

A court in Tampere has prohibited the Nordic Resistance Movement, a group linked with violent racist activities in Finland.


Pirkanmaa District Court has banned the Nordic Resistance Movement (Finnish acronym PVL), a Neo-Nazi organisation with links to similar groups elsewhere in the Nordic countries. The organisation has been disbanded as it ‘flagrantly violated the principles of good practice’, according to the court.


Although it was not a legally constituted association, the police viewed it as an ideologically driven, unregistered association.


The court ruled that it was a violent group that exhorted followers and members to violent acts. The court said that the group was not entitled to freedom of speech protections as its actions violated the human rights of others.

Last year a member, Jesse Torniainen, was sentenced to two years in jail for an aggravated assault at a demonstration in Helsinki. The victim later died in hospital although the court in that case did not agree with prosecutors that his death was down to the injuries sustained in the assault.



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