Feminism Leftist Apologizers for Islam Leftist-Muslim nexus Phyllis Chesler

Daniel Greenfield: Islamic Gender Apartheid, Real Feminism Means Resisting Islam…….


Look at what Lauren Southern uncovers on the streets of the UK, asking a similar themed question at a supposed ‘feminist rally’…



Watch in the video how Islamic gender segregation is being spun as ”safe spaces for women”, then used as a pretext for ending any conversation on equality of Muslim women.


Dr. Phyllis Chesler’s book is a reminder of what fighting for women actually means.

America’s leading feminist is Linda Sarsour. The Islamist activist has praised Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women while touting Mohammed, whose sex slave habits ISIS had adopted, as a feminist.


Sarsour is as much of a feminist as her prophet. But what does it say about feminism that it embraces a spokeswoman for an ideology that believes women are inferior to men (Sahih Bukhari 6:301), will mostly go to hell (Sahih Bukhari 54:464) and promotes domestic violence against women (Koran 4:34).


What does it mean when a movement that claims to believe in equality for women instead embraces an ideology of sex slavery, domestic abuse, honor killings, female genital mutilation and so much else?


That’s one reason why Phyllis Chesler’s new book, Islamic Gender Apartheid: Exposing A Veiled War Against Women, Is so timely and vital. Dr. Chesler’s book is a reminder of what fighting for women actually means. The intersectional feminism that sells out women to Islam, to illegal migration and to a thousand other more important leftist causes is utterly absent from her work. Instead her collection of essays unrelentingly shines a powerful light on the suffering of women under Islam. And on the silence of those professional feminists who choose the Muslim Brotherhood over the human rights of women.

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