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Only Finns Party Laura Huhtasaari candidate for president believes in constitutional requirement for president having a Finnish birthplace………


The Founding Fathers of the country, the war dead heroes of WWII and subsequent veterans who have all passed away, are rolling in their graves.


The pseudo conservative (current) president, Sauli Niinistö, only somewhat believes that a Finnish president should be Finnish born, and not a dual citizen because he’s a mental midget and a coward. These are the kinds of politicians whom I label ‘neo-statists’, they’re the managers of the messes that the socialist statists create while in charge of government, and are traditionally mush mouths and intellectual lightweights. They are as useless as tits on a bull.


NOTE: To the rest of the maroons running for president, you cannot have a person in control of the armed forces coming from a different culture, allegiances and set of values, let alone still being a dual citizen whose answerable to the jurisdiction and laws of another state. Nor should any ‘dual citizen’ be allowed to hold public office, and the entire concept of ‘dual citizenship’ should be entirely thought over again and done away with.


Election machine

IS also reports a little on its ‘election machine’, a particularly Finnish device whereby candidates answer questions or rate statements on policy matters, their answers are collated, and then voters can answer the same questions and see which candidates’ answers most closely matched their own.


They picked out one question from their machine on whether Finland’s constitution should be changed to allow a citizen not born in the country to become President. They found that only one candidate–Laura Huhtasaari of the Finns Party–fully supported article 54 of the Finnish constitution, which requires the president have a Finnish birthplace.


The others all either fully or partly agreed with the statement that the president ‘does not need to be a citizen born in Finland’.



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