Denmark: Minster for Immigration extends block on UN quota refugees…….




Denmark extends block on UN quota refugees


Denmark’s minister for immigration Inger Støjberg has announced a continuation of the government’s policy not to accommodate UN-stipulated quota refugees.

A parliamentary majority including the opposition Social Democrats – but without the populist Danish People’s Party – supports Støjberg’s law proposal, which would see Denmark refuse 500 UN quota refugees in 2018, a continuation of the country’s policy in 2016 and 2017.


Lawmakers in Denmark’s parliament began on Tuesday the process of passing a law which would continue the policy of not accepting UN quota refugees.


The proposal has been criticised for adding pressure on countries bordering conflict areas, including Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, which already accommodate large numbers of refugees.


The UN has encouraged EU countries, including Denmark, to ease the burden on countries such as these by accepting its quota for relocation.


The quota system enables the UN to relocate refugees whose needs cannot be met in countries that neighbour the conflicts they have fled from.


This might include refugees needing special protection, torture victims, unaccompanied women or children with rare illnesses.


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