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Islamic State uses kids to cut off man’s arms then head in gruesome/brutal video……..


Always trying to shock and outrage with barbaric, gruesome acts…


ISIS children execute a ‘spy’ by chopping his arms off with swords in horrific video before young child stands on victim’s decapitated head to deliver threat to the group’s enemies

  • Disgusting video shows two boys chopping off an alleged spy’s arms with swords
  • Then a younger boy, no older than 10, saws his head off by using a hunting knife
  • Victim said to be Afghan who worked for the US before being murdered by ISIS



Bloodthirsty ISIS butchers have released their most gruesome video to date – showing a child no older than 10 standing on a decapitated head and threatening death to spies.


The tiny lad – dressed in camouflage gear – was part of an execution party that ended the life of a man who was condemned as a spy.


First, he was chained to two trees with his arms stretched out as he confessed to his crimes.


Then two older boys – who appeared to be in their late teens – stepped forward and chopped off his arms with giant swords.


One of the boys then decapitated the victim with a hunting knife before the smaller lad placed his tiny boot on the man’s head and delivered his clearly coached speech.


More here.

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