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Germany: Mayor attacked in kebab shop, stabbed in neck with knife, police ‘clueless’ over motive…….


“The mayor of a small German town said Tuesday he was happy to be alive after being attacked with a knife by a man who confronted him over his welcoming stance toward refugees before slashing his neck.


The perpetrator is said to have protested loudly against Hollstein’s policy before the attack.Abdullah: “He told him he was hungry and thirsty and complained that Hollstein was getting more and more foreigners to Altena. He was very drunk. ” […]
The North Rhine-Westphalian Family Minister Joachim Stamp (FDP) wrote on Twitter: “All the best wishes to Andreas Hollstein, the great mayor of Altena.” Altena became known nationwide because it receives more refugees than it would have under the NRW distribution key.


Mayor attacked in kebab shop with knife

Altea (NRW)-knife-assassination of the mayor of Altea (NRW)! According to the first information, an apparent drunk (56) attacked the local politician Andreas Hollstein (57, CDU) with a 30 centimeter long blade.
The attack took place on Monday evening at around 8pm in a kebab restaurant in the inner city of the Sauerland community (18 000 inhabitants).
The owner of the kebab, Demir Abdullah (60), reports Picture: “The mayor came in, ordered a kebab. The perpetrator went to him a few minutes later, asked if he was the mayor. “

Then he pulled a knife that the man should have already carried with him. “He stabbed him in the neck with it.”


Bild H/T: JKN

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  1. Germany plays a stupid game and now wins stupid prizes. Hard to sympathize with idiots.

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