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Sweden-Finland: Official cooperation between The Finns and Sweden Democrat parties…….


How times have changed.


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Official cooperation between The Finns and Sweden Democrats


When the Sweden Democrats find it difficult to break their isolation at home, it is better in the Nordic context. Now the party is welcome among the The Finns and Danish People’s Party.


NORRKÖPING On the national day of the Sweden Democrats, the party secretary Richard Jomshof carries a pin with the flag of Sweden and Finland. It is to celebrate Finland for 100 years, so his grandparents also come from Finland – and also the party’s highest decision-making meeting of Finnish guests.


Since August, the cooperation between the Sweden Democrats and the The Finns is official. Then the Swedish party was adopted in the party group Nordic Freedom within the Nordic Council. There is also the Danish People’s Party.


According to Jomshof this was possible with what he calls the unfortunate divide of The Finns.


“My picture is that it has primarily been part of the old party leadership in Sannfinländerna who did not want this cooperation.

According to researcher Ann-Cathrine Jungar , Sannfinländers chairman Jussi Halla-aho spoke positively about Nordic colleagues, while former chairman Timo Soini did not want to be linked with the Sweden Democrats because of the party’s roots.


The parties still have great similarities, says Jungar, among other things in what she calls welfare schauvinism.


– The view that their own population is neglected and may bear the costs of immigration.


Sweden Democrats party secretary Mattias Karlsson says that the three Nordic parties all put “strong emphasis on national identity”.


“It is about guarding what we perceive as the nation’s particularity, language, culture, traditions, but also sovereignty.


The aim is not only aimed at the Nordic countries but also on cooperation in the European Parliament. Elections are held in 2019 and hopes are for a common party group.


Jussi Halla-aho was not present in Norrköping due to illness, but MP Mika Raatikainen was.



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