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UK Leftist rag The Guardian uses debunked Hope-Not-Hate as source for ‘Islamofauxbia’ analysis……..


Anything connected to or uses from, the H-N-H and the SPLC is suspect from the git-go…


Check out this hilarious line from The Guardian:




Anti-Muslim online surges driven by fake accounts

Social media bots and image manipulation are spreading Islamophobia, analysis reveals


A global network of anti-Muslim activists is using Twitter bots, fake news and the manipulation of images to influence political discourse, new analysis reveals.


Many have recorded significant growth in their social media followings over the past year, co-ordinating to push the message that Islam is an “imminent threat” to western society. Researchers from the anti-racist organisation Hope Not Hate found that the impact of tweets from one controversial US activist, Pamela Geller, who is banned from the UK, is magnified by 102 bots, automated or semi-automated accounts that automatically tweet or retweet their content.


Researchers also monitored a sample of popular anti-Muslim Twitter accounts in Britain and the US between March and November this year, and found that, on average, there was a 117% growth in followers.


Geller, described by critics as a figurehead for Islamophobic organisations,produces the Geller Report, which doubled its viewers to more than two million people each month between July and October. The Gates of Vienna counter-jihadist blog, described by critics as a training manual for anti-Muslim paramilitaries, also doubled in visitors per month during the same period.


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