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Revealed: Labour Opened Borders to Eastern Europe to ‘Lower Wage Growth’…….


Then they wonder why traditional labour voters are switching sides?


Revealed: Labour Opened Borders to Eastern Europe to ‘Lower Wage Growth’

Labour opened the door to uncontrolled mass immigration from eastern Europe after then-Bank of England governor Mervyn King “pressed the case” that it would “lower wage growth”, a former senior diplomat has claimed.


King, in private conversations with Tony Blair, put forward the case that Britain should neglect to impose transitional controls on migrants from nations which joined the European Union (EU) in 2004, according to Sir Ivan Rogers, the former Labour leader’s private principal secretary at the time.


“King pressed the case to open the labour market without transition on the grounds that it would help lower wage growth and inflation, address supply bottlenecks in a fast-growing pre-financial crisis economy, and help keep interest rates low,” he said.

Sir Ivan suggested Labour’s decision not to impose controls  — which resulted in an influx of over a million EU migrants from eastern member-states, flying in the face of assurances that just 15,000 a year would come — was a factor in the Brexit vote last year, in a 12,000 word essay on the breakdown of Britain’s relationship with Brussels.


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