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Finland: Sauli Niinistö wants more censorship…….


This guy is a compete and utter disaster in regards to the concepts of liberty and freedom…


Sauli Niinistö wants more censorship

Huhtasaari: “Permission to disagree, permission to talk about things openly, permission to think aloud and permit to be wrong, something that sometimes meant, freedom of speech”


DOMESTIC Sat 25.11.2017 13:00

President of the Republic, Sauli Niinistö, held a lecture at the University of Turku on Tuesday at the “Peace at the Border” lecture and took a stand against hate speech, describing it as “a desire to misunderstand rather than to try to understand one another”.


“In particular, somewhere, it is visible, almost in a word, we want to misunderstand it,” Niinistö described the social media culture.


The President of the Republic also announced that he would also like to have control of the Finnish social media platforms which spread “hate speech” and “fake news”.




“It’s not a healthy society when there is only one official truth and opinions expressing different views are censored, or people are discriminated against as a result of their opinions.”


Huhtamaki emphasises that social media has given each a voice and the opportunity to bring forward their opinions. She was asking whether or not to replace Facebook with a new platform for freedom of opinion.


“There are already so many examples that is not a question of a technical accident. Freedom of expression has begun to be restricted. How far will this still go? ” she wonders.
It should be noted that many have no alternative distribution channels at their disposal and, according to Huhtamaki, in a democracy, everyone should have equal opportunity to highlight their ideas and their own values:
“You can’t change the world if you can’t be but of one mind. You can’t affect things if you’re not allowed to challenge hegemony. “
Huhtasaari deems a sustainable and democratic society is one that promises to disagree, promises to discuss matters openly, permission to think aloud and permission to be wrong.
“This it sometimes meant, freedom of speech”, the island of Huhtamaki specifies.
This is my choice for Finland’s president: Laura Huhtasaari

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