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Former FM (and still a hack) Erkki Tuomioja compares Finnish media to Russian media, both should be treated equally critically


I always have…



Western politicians and the media itself are in a turmoil over what news services are to be trusted, where everything they disagree with ‘is now Russia’.I absolutely do not carry any water whatsoever for the Russian government, headed by thug Putin, his loyal oligarchy of corrupt officials and crony business elitists. Is RT part of the propaganda wing of the Russian government? You better believe it is. In many ways so to Sverge (SVT) props up the agenda of the Swedish government and the Finnish Broadcasting company (YLE) the policies of elected elites in the Finnish government.


While the former might take direct leads from the very top in the Russian government, the latter two are part and parcel of the nauseating consensus-style politics in both countries. There is no investigative journalism that seeks to buck the status quo on important issues, like for example the corrupted UN, the corrupted EU, ”man made climate change”, honest look at Islam 101 with emphasis on apostates instead of Islamic apologists. Their horrific anti-Israel news coverage, with propagandizing Arabs now covering the ME news for them, like Aishi Zidan. I could go on but you’ve got the picture.


Yes, RT, Sputnik and a host of other news sites are suspect, but their reporting at times, far surpasses in credibility that of the official state media in Sweden and in Finland. That’s a fact for those who follow these matters closely. I am careful of the news I print, and at times have been taken in by false reports, but it’s not a habitual thing, nor intended, they’re mistakes that I seek to avoid at all cost for the sake of this site’s veracity, and of my readers.


The big media in Europe, as in the US, are in the tank for one side, the ”progressive” Leftists. That’s a fact. The balance of fair and objective news is tilted/skewed to one side, it’s that reality we fight against on a daily basis, it’s the sole reason as to why their (big media) credibility has taken serious hits, and why the Russians try to manipulate the situation. If not for an honest, balanced media, the explosion of alternative news sites would never have occurred, at least in the rate and way it’s occurred over the past 8-10 years.


“Frenetic analogy” surprises – Erkki Tuomioja compared Finnish media to Russian media


he SDP MP said that the media in Finland and Russia should be treated equally critically.


The comments of the long-line SDP MP and former Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja on the media in Russia and Finland have sparked debate on twitter.


– (huhhuh!) Tuomioja: Finnish media should be followed with the same criticality as the Russian media, Pasi Rajala cites.


Rajala is Minister of Foreign Trade and Development, Special Advisor to Kai Mykkänen (Kok). He has shared the news of MTV here.


– RT (formerly Russia Today) is not the same as Sveriges Radio or Yle in Finland. It is both dangerous and naive to bypass the use of disinformation and propaganda by the Russian authorities, says Wallmark.


More in Finnish at Verkkouutiset.fi


NOTE: In a way Tuomioja is correct, but nowadays you have to treat all media in the same exact way, not just the Russian media, the Finnish media or Western journalism in general, and including this blog. You should treat all media in the same doubting way until they’re proven right.

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