Egypt ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism

Egypt: 235 Sufi worshipers murdered by Islamonazis in the Sinai, Hamas tunnels ferreted weapons to terrorists…….


Murdering the ‘infidel’ Sufi, with the help of Hamas tunnels for funneling weapons into the Sinai…


At Least 200 Killed in Gun and Bomb Attack on Mosque in Egypt

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Militants armed with guns and explosives stormed a mosque in Egypt’s restive northern Sinai on Friday, killing at least 200 people and wounding 125 others in the deadliest single attack in the country in years.

The assault, which took place west of the coastal town of El-Arish, targeted people gathered for Friday prayers at the Rawda mosque, which is frequented by Sufis. Attacks on mosques are rare in Egypt, where the majority of the 95 million population is Muslim. Sufi Islam is a mystical interpretation of the religion and its followers are considered heretics by jihadist movements.

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