Finland: Helsingin Sanomat paints EU as “hapless sleuths of truth” in fight against giant Goliath of ”fake news”……..


One has to laugh at the lengths supporters of the EU will go in painting those apposed to democratic despotism as ”Russian trolls”. 


By painting themselves as the ”victim”, they imitate the modus operandi of the SJW movement. For them, there’s no credibility in arguments against the EU, you’re not to believe your lying eyes. Justified worries or fears by the general public over expansive government, the erosion of member state legislature importance (public input, oversight) are simply the product of Russian interference (a.k.a. internet Trolls).


You have major social media giants of Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube manipulating algorithms to drive down viewership of sites and info that do not conform to the politically correct status quo. The deck is stacked so much against those of us bucking the consensus juggernaut of the ruling elite, that it’s entirely laughable that they would depict themselves as hapless little David fighting against a larger foe.


The political inertia in Europe has been flowing in one way for decades, as we have seen on countless occasions. The populations of member states and leaders of those states have been relentlessly pursued and pilloried by the in-the-tank media, and by EU leaders and supportive politicians. To take a stand against the EU is to have the full width and breadth of its political organs arrayed against you.


So you’ll have to excuse me for chuckling at the notion of ”the poor EU being victim of fake news”, when in fact it’s the people of member states that have been the ones propagandized by the EU apparatus for decades.


FM: Helsingin Sanomat which hides the article behind a paywall.

Russian robots sow uncertainty in Finland and in other European countries with a billion-euro budget – a small EU unit fights against fake news

Russian robot robots harvest their messages even several times a day, sowing discord and mistrust in Europe. A handful of overwhelmed people fights against fake news in a Brussels EU unit. “We have many provincial papers with larger subscriptions and resources,” says Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini (sin).


The poor hapless sleuths of truth…
A scene from The San Francisco Chronicle newsroom from November 1948.

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