Islam in the UK MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

UK: Muslim rape/grooming gangs now with tasers on schoolgirls…….


Sounds like to me that UK law enforcement and justice department is till afraid of being called racists and Islamofauxbes…


Gangs ‘using TASERS on schoolgirl rape victims as Birmingham faces tsunami of child sexual exploitation’


Councillor Des Flood issued stark warning and said some schools and parents are being kept in dark about menace


BIRMINGHAM is facing a ‘tsunami of child sexual exploitation’ with reports that gang members are using TASERS on schoolgirl rape victims, a councillor claims.


Des Flood backed fears that schools and parents are being kept in the dark about the full dangers their children face from predatory paedophiles in the south of the city.


The Birmingham Mail revealed earlier this week how one suspected gang member was arrested for three schoolgirl rapes, but bailed each time.


Councillor Flood criticised Birmingham City Council’s handling of child sexual exploitation during a full council meeting last week.


He had directed his statement to former Lord Mayor Carl Rice, who has just been handed Cabinet responsibility for children, schools and families.

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