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Finland: Green-Red alliance on Helsinki City Council votes for ”free government cheese” for every illegal alien in the city…….


There is no such thing as FREE SERVICES…


Each and every Finn should rise up and demand that they stop using the term, as well as to adhere to the rule of law. Helsinki is virtually a ”sanctuary city” for these fraud asylum seeking/refugee illegal aliens who have no right to be in the country, let alone siphoning off funds from hard working tax payers.


Absurd decision from the City Council of Helsinki – Illegal aliens guaranteed income and free accommodation, food, healthcare and dental care

HELSINKI | The municipal council meeting on Monday made a shock decision. The city government decided to significantly extend the illegall resident’s right to free services and livelihoods.


The Mari Rantanen, a Finnish city councilor, tells about her decision on her blog.


Rantanen writes: “The city council of Helsinki decided after the voting result 20.11 to increase the rights for the number of illegal residents for free services and income:

– medicine 
– accommodation 
– food 
– treatment and monitoring of diseases 
– vaccinations 
– dental care 
– families for pregnant and young children for longer periods of time 
– help to find ways to get rid of paperwork 
– legal counseling 
– mental health services 
– to increase income support.


City advertised free services in foreign languages


– In addition, in its wisdom, the City Board submits that the above services should be advertised on the city’s website in many languages, Arabic, Somali, Bulgarian and Romanian. City staff should also actively provide services, Mari Rantanen continues.


She describes the situation as completely absurd.


– The decision is incompatible with the rule of law. Not to mention security and economy. No law or asylum process is needed? The situation has gone completely out of control.


– At the same time as the state pondering (or at least saying it’s pondering) how to effectively decrease the number of illegal aliens in the country, Helsinki invites everyone to the village. For free. There is no point in the whole expensive asylum process. Aside from the fact that this kind of thing eats away at the faith in the law, it is completely on the shoulders of the Helsinki taxpayer. And, as everyone knows, money does not comes from trees, on the contrary, it will be cut from others who need help. […]


– Where do Finns get free services and medicine? From nowhere. Can this even be lawful for others to pay, and others do not. That is, those who pay, are the ones who have the legal right to be here and not those who do not, have no right to be here. Have you heard of anything more crazy? It almost come to mind to tell low income Finns to go for free services speaking in bad Finnish that they are undocumented. Undocumented, a term that seeks to legitimize the whole thing when it comes to being illegally in the country.


Rantanen emphasizes in her post that the City of Helsinki should be looking for way to get the undocumented to leave the country.


Joint project of the Greens and the Left


The decision was born in a special way. It was presented by Deputy Mayor Sanna Vesikansan (vihr.) And Paavo Arhinmäki (left), advocated by the City Councilor Veronika Honkasalo (left) on the promotion of the undocumented situation.


Free services for the undocumented went through the city council by 8-7.


Those voting against free services on the City Council were Terhi Koulumies(cons.), Pia Pakarinen (cons.), Jaana Pelkonen (cons.), Mika Raatikainen (ps.), Wille Rydman (cons.), Tomi Sevander (Social Democratic Party.) And Jan Vapaavuori (National Coalition Party .).


Thos voting for free services were Paavo Arhinmäki (left.), Veronika Honkasalo (left.), Maria Ohisalo (Green.), Marcus Rantala (SFP.), Nasima Razmyar (SDP.), Anni Sinnemäki (Green.), Reetta Vanhanen (Green. ) and Sanna Vesikansa (vihr.).


“Dream decision”


The second city councilor of The Finns Party Pia Kopra criticizes the decision. She writes a counter-proposal by Mika Raatikainen, a member of the City Board.


– This is what Helsinki has ordered and that The Finns Part are opposed to, but now it went to the City Council today, Kopra writes .


“The Greens-Leftist daydream is a path to destruction paved with good intentions, Kopra continues.

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