Europe: Growing support for anti-mass immigration parties…….


The people of Europe have had it…


What makes any kind of distinct change extremely difficult to happen is the parliamentary system, which is under-girded by consensus driven (political echo chamber) politics. Multiculturalism (all cultures living on an equal footing) is an abject failure. Integration and eventual assimilation should be the goal as history has proven, it’s the best way for a people to interact and function in a cohesive way in any given society.


What’s happening in Europe as we speak, is a groundswell of pan-European societal disapproval of being treated as an ATM for immigration policies most people view as being detrimental to their standard of living and security. It’s as plain as day, that the path political leaders have shoved the rest of Europe on is leading them to a major disaster of monumental proportions, and are responding in kind, this is a move for self preservation, not an unjustified ”fear of the other”.



Growing support for anti-immigrant parties.

Multiculturalism, the “religion” of the European Union (EU) elites, enforced by many EU states through “diversity” programs, has begun to lose its luster.   The recent elections in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Sicily, points to growing support for far-right, and nationalist parties.  The growing trend of such parties as the Alternative for Germany, Austria’s People’s Party, and the Czech ANO Party, winning elections in recent months is fueled by the arrival of more than a million unassimilable migrants and refugees from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.  It has contributed to a huge jump in terrorist attacks, crime, and an economic burden on the host European states.  The slow economic growth in most EU countries has put the squeeze on the native population.  They are now compelled to compete for limited jobs and resources with migrants and refugees.


In the Czech Republic, Andrej Babis, a billionaire media mogul, who people like to compare to Donald Trump, has triumphed in the October 21, 2017 elections.  He is against absorbing Middle Eastern migrants into the Czech Republic, and is opposed to multiculturalism, much like many European leaders who have admitted that multiculturalism in Europe has failed.


Babis’ anti-establishment, and anti-EU, ANO party won 29.64% of the vote, (projected to have 78 seats) replacing as the top party the center-left Czech Social-Democratic party that garnered only 7.27% of the parliamentary vote.  The Civic Democratic Party (ODS), a right-of-center conservative party, took second place with 11.32% of the vote (projected to have 25 seats).  Another anti-establishment party, the Pirate party, received 10.79% (projected to have 22 seats).  The Czech parliament or the Chamber of Deputies has 200 seats.  The outcome of this election points to a right-of center coalition with Babis as Prime Minister and a majority of at least 125 seats in the Chamber.

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