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Dr. Mordechai Kedar: The Arab Sunni world: Complete and utter chaos…….


It’s the same with US ambassador John Bolton, whenever this man speaks, it pays to listen, very closely…


The Arab Sunni world: Complete and utter chaos

The only conclusion Israel must reach from the sad state of affairs in the Arab Sunni world is as clear as the sunshine in an arid desert.

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Dr. Mordechai Kedar, 17/11/17 14:55

Behavioral science recognizes two types of responses to tense or threatening situations facing loosely-connected groups. The first is characterized by the group uniting under a charismatic leader who radiates power, wisdom, organizational acumen and the ability to protect his followers, after which the group forms a united front and prepares for a struggle against the looming threat. The opposite occurs when there is no leader to be found. In the resulting mayhem, members betray one another,  and attempt to escape and go over to the other side in order to save themselves.  In that case, they could not care less if the rest of the group goes to hell.


The second of the two possible scenarios is an exact description of the current situation in the Arab world where Iran has become a major threat. After years of trying to extend the scope of its control over the Arab nations, it is moving towards exerting hegemony over the entire Islamic world. This entails reestablishing Shiite rule over Islam’s holy sites – starting with Mecca and Medina – eliminating the opposition – starting with the Saudi royal family – destroying Israel and becoming a permanent threat to the Christian West, the latter seen by the Ayatollahs as merely the servant of Shiite believers.


When the two major world powers joined forces to empower the Ayatollah’s regime, the Iranian threat grew by leaps and bounds. Under Obama, US actions strengthened Iran, allowed it to develop nuclear weapons (that is the real meaning of the 2015 Agreement), ignored its ballistic rocket development program, handed it money and allowed it to sign lucrative contracts – all the while ignoring Iran’s involvement in local wars and its support for world terror.


Russia has been a partner of the Iranians for years through a complex array of agreements and joint initiatives: it supplied nuclear power stations for electricity production, thereby granting the Iranians the ability to acquire knowledge and experience in nuclear science, handed over its rocket technology, worked with Iran to regulate  the world natural gas market (Russia, Iran and Qatar are the three largest gas suppliers in  the world) and joined forces with Iran in the horrific war taking place on Syrian land in an attempt to save the Butcher of Damascus’ regime.


The European Union joined the US and Russia, encouraging its members to enter the lucrative Iranian contract-signing queue. Truthfully, a good number of European countries already had a history of  ignoring the economic sanctions imposed on Iran by the West, so that the change was not that discernable. US Intelligence knew exactly what was going on, but said nothing – or to be more accurate, was silenced by the Obama government.


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