Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Sweden: Muslim hits female hotel receptionist in head with koran after being told to leave establishment…….


Not only dangerous in written form, but in physical as well…


Prosecution: Furious man hits hotel receptionist in the head with the Quran

When the 60-year-old man was rejected from a hotel in central Malmö, he picked up a copy of the Qur’an – and landed a blow with the Holy Scripture in the face of a receptionist. The man is now being brought to justice.

The incident progressed in the lobby of the hotel early morning on November 3rd. The man had crept through the locked entrance door used by employees. He then settled down in a sofa group and placed an egg on the table in front of him.
When the receptionist asked the man if he had stayed at the hotel, he answered no. But he did not obey her call to leave the establishment.
The receptionist told him that she was calling the police. Then the man stood up, picked up a slightly damaged copy of the Quran as he hit the receptionist’s left cheeck.
The 60-year-old then elbowed the receptionist in her stomach so that she was gasping for air and handed a blanket to the receptionist’s colleague who came to rescue.

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  1. Not even worth the ink to write this article.
    Rapes and murders are not investigated ,even if they get the perpetrator right away ,there would be no police report or justice for the hotel clerk.
    Or at least the police would force the clerk to apologize and would be fired later on for immigrantophobia.

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