Finnish Permanent Secretary of the Interior: Factual information on security, immigration shouldn’t be sanitized…….



She’s right on that point…


Facts are facts, they don’t care about your feelings and shouldn’t be covered up, or have lipstick applied to them in order to propagandize the public in order for them to ”feel secure” or to swallow political policies.


Nerg points out that the authorities have to bring the facts out, and this applies to all factual information. “They can not be just positive information, but we must be able to honestly see the reverse,” says Nerg.


Permanent Secretary of the Interior Nerg: Fake news aims to destabilize the public’s sense of security, the authorities should tell all the facts without beautifying them

Saturday 18.11.2017 at 17.00

Experts went through the security situation in Finland at the National Defense Training Association at the Security Policy Seminar organized by MPK on Saturday.


Yksi Suomen tilanteeseen vaikuttanut tekijä on ollut Euroopan pakolaiskriisi.


The security situation in the world has weakened, and Finland must be able to respond to it, it was the core message of a seminar held in Kuopio on Saturday.


Fake media and refugee crisis


Interior Ministry, Permanent Secretary Päivi Nerg reminded us that Finland is safer than ever before, but nevertheless we need to be continuously prepared for threats. Nerg also discussed the effects of the crisis in Ukraine on Finland.


– In the autumn of 2015, the feeling of insecurity among citizens increased considerably. We did not understand the changing situation and did not identify the root causes of the events, we went through a growing sense of insecurity, Nerg says.


In addition to the events in Ukraine, Nerg has also been called on by many new phenomena such as fake news, internet and terrorism. Refugees are also a challenge ahead for Finland.


– And to meet these challenges, Finland must be prepared to respond.


According to Nerg, people’s unrest has, in addition to real crises, has increased the ever-increasing dispersal of fake news stories and nonfactual reporting on immigrants.


According to Nerg, fake news aims to destabilize the citizens’ sense of security and create the desired unrest.




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