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German court says Kuwait airways can ban Jewish state (Israeli) citizens from boarding in Germany…….


So once again a German court upholds discriminatory measures against Jews…….


Kuwait Airways can ban Israeli passengers, German court rules


(JTA)  — Kuwait Airways may bar Israeli citizens from boarding its planes in Germany, a Frankfurt court ruled.


Jewish and political leaders in Germany criticized the ruling handed down Thursday by the district court. The plaintiff, an Israeli student living in Frankfurt, will appeal, his lawyer said.


“This is a shameful ruling for democracy and for Germany,” attorney Nathan Gelbart told the German news agency dpa. “This ruling cannot be allowed to stand.” Gelbart is the German counsel for The Lawfare Project, a New York-based litigation fund for Israelis who allege civil rights violations.


The student, identified in court documents as Adar M., had sued the airline over its cancellation of his flight to Bangkok in the summer of 2016. The flight was to originate in Frankfurt with a stopover in Kuwait. When the state-owned airline found out the student’s nationality, it canceled his ticket, referring to a 1964 law that bars any agreements with Israeli citizens.


Adar M. demanded damages.



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