Finland: Muslim restaurant owner raped sister of female friend three times, she attempted escape on stairway…….


Only received 2 years and 6 mos!


The Court of appeals condemned 38-year-old Mohammad Anwar Hossain for rape


Restaurant owner raped mother three times – the quilted woman tried to escape down a stairway

Thursday 16.11.2017 at 11.38

The Court of Appeals has sentenced a man to jail who had raped woman with a family which a district court had earlier dismissed.


  • A restaurateur in Helsinki raped a woman with a family he knew three times.
  • The victim fled to the stairway, but the rapist snatched her back.
  • The district court dismissed the man’s charges, but the court of appeals sentenced him for two years and six months in prison.


The events originated in a restaurant in Helsinki where a family member had been having an evening out with her sister. The sister was a friend of a restaurateur, so the women stayed in the closed restaurant. The man offered both alcohol.


The sister gradually began to get drunk when the women became quarrelsome. The sister left, the sister with a family went with the restaurant owner to his car. She was supposed to continue discussing a possible work placement at the man’s home.


Upon arrival at Konala, the man offered a beer and snaps and began propositioning her for sex. The woman refused. Surprisingly, in the middle of the sentence, the man came at the woman and started kissing and tearing her clothes.


Panic on the staircase


The woman tried in vain to stop him and get flee. The man raped his victim on the couch and then left the kitchen. Being in shock she remained on the sofa. After a moment, the man returned and attacked her. The woman dropped from the couch to the floor where the man raped her violently.


When a man went to the bathroom for a moment, she tried to find her clothes. She did not find them, so she through a cover to shield her and rushed to the stairway. The man, however, noticed the escape, dove for her and forcibly  snatched the woman back. The woman said she was in a panic that she could not even shout for help.


Inside the apartment, a man slammed the woman’s bed and raped her a third time. After that, he forced a woman to stay next to him for the night.


Only in the morning a man left the victim’s apartment, ordered a taxi, and denied that talking about the incident. Immediately after a taxi, however, she asked the driver to call the police. The woman had been in the phone of her son, but she was not shocked to call that help.


When the police arrived, the woman showed them the man’s apartment. The man, in turn, noticed the cops behind his door and fled his apartment on the third floor through the balcony to the courtyard.


“She wanted sex”


Later in the interviews, the man admitted to having sex with his guest. However, he reported a completely different version of the story than what the woman described to the police. The man claimed that the woman had been active and started kissing her.


The man said he tried to stop and remarked that the woman had a man waiting at home. Nevertheless, she wanted to have sex and stay for a night. He would have preferred to sleep alone.


The Helsingin käräjäoikeus rose to the man’s side. She considered that the bruising and injuries she had received could have arisen before the alleged rape. The woman’s descriptions of a few details had changed at different stages, and no blood was found in the blood in the morning study.


For these reasons, the District Court held that the man’s guilty plea had a serious suspicion. The District Court dismissed the man’s charge.


Court: No doubt


However, the Court of Appeal estimates the items in question differently. According to her, the injuries suffered by the victim were typical in situations where the victim was held. The report of the woman was consistently consistent, and the small amount of alcohol consumed during the night had been able to get out of the body before the morning.


In a ruling on Thursday, the Court of Appeals ruled that it had no serious doubts to the entirety of the man’s guilt. It sentenced 38-year-old Mohammad Anwar Hossain to 2 years and 6 months in prison for rape. He was sentenced sentenced to pay $ 8,500 for harm and disability benefits.


The crime took place in November 2014.


IL  H/T: Hommaforum

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