Nigel Farage: Soros and allies engaged in biggest level of international political collusion in history…….


Lets not forget that Finland’s own former president, Martti Ahtisaari, who heads his Crisis Management Initiative, received loads of cash from the billionaire bag-man, George Soros.


I can only imagine the scope of corruption entailed in those transactions. Ahtisaari has a lot to answer for, as well as the entire Finnish Foreign Ministry which works hand and glove with CMI. The EU is a corrupting force, as well as the UN, and Finland worships at the alter of both entities. If we had serious journalists and a real independent media, these institutions would be thoroughly investigated, and wouldn’t be enjoying the level of public approval that they presently do. We have the Finnish uninterested-media to thank for that.


NOTE: Most Finnish political leaders hold to the thinking of ”safety in numbers”. Somehow, the embedding of themselves into international bodies will secure the future of the country while oddly never reaching a decision on joining NATO. It’s a fools errand. Finland stands much more to gain by being in NATO than by being in the EU or the UN.


Farage: Soros and EU Allies Engaged in ‘The Biggest Level of International Political Collusion in History’

Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage has called out billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros and his “reliable friends” for collusion on a grand scale.


Speaking in a debate on the Paradise Papers in the European Parliament, the UKIP MEP pointed out that the financier had funded the exposé.


“I say this at a time when the use of money and the influence it may have had on the Brexit result or the Trump election has reached a level of virtual hysteria,” he said.


“Just last week the Electoral Commission in the UK launched an investigation to find out whether the Leave campaign took offshore money or Russian money.


“This came about as a result of questions asked in the House of Commons by one Ben Bradshaw, somebody linked to an organisation called Open Society.


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