Islamization MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

4Chan trolls Sweden: End the Hate, Change the State (flag) #ForBetterSweden…….


It’s all too true though…


4chan Launches “Operation Swedistan” In A Last Ditch Attempt To Save Sweden


Operation Swedistan as users have taken to calling it, follows the usual 4chan strategy of attempting to trick extremist liberals into siding with a progressive cause that would seem ridiculous or even outright appalling to the average person. In this case the goal is simple, convince Sweden to change its flag design. More specifically, to remove the Christian cross and install an Islamic crescent in its place.


To be clear, no one involved expects or or wants this to actually happen obviously. But if even one actual Swedish official is perceived to, for even for a moment actually consider implementing such a change. The hope is that will be enough to upset what the operations organizers refer to as the “left-leaning normie” masses. A full rundown of the basic strategy can be seen here below.

More here. 

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