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Mueller expands probe, Hillary to get her own special prosecutor……?


Lets hope so…



The Mueller probe expands to cover Clinton’s relationship with Russia.


Matthew Vadum

Senior federal prosecutors are investigating Hillary Clinton, the sale of Uranium One, and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, a move that may lead to the appointment of another independent prosecutor, Fox News reports.


Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice ordered prosecutors to examine “certain issues” raised by congressional Republicans, according to a letter Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd sent to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and other committee members, who have been demanding a special counsel be assigned to probe Clinton.


Former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III was appointed in May as a special counsel to investigate the Russia-Trump campaign electoral collusion conspiracy theory peddled by the Left to undermine the Trump administration. Since then former Trump campaign aides Paul J. Manafort Jr. and Richard W. Gates III have been indicted by Mueller’s fishing expedition for wrongdoings like tax evasion that are unrelated to the campaign.


Mueller has also been investigating Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group for their Russian entanglements. Podesta is the brother of Clinton campaign chairman and Center for American Progress founder John Podesta. “The Podesta Group, a longtime K Street fixture … will reportedly shut down by year’s end as the firm’s involvement in a lobbying campaign on behalf of pro-Russia forces in the Ukrainian government has fallen under scrutiny from both the press and Robert Mueller,” the Washington Examiner reports.

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