Dhimmitude Finland Islamization MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Helsinki area daycare centers caving into Islamic sensibilities, forgoing any mention of Christianity, just ‘ethics’…….


Tossing the baby out with the bath water…


The ethics are based squarely upon Judeo-Christian teaching. The most likely reason that these municipalities are tossing it out of daycare facilities (the municipality runs these centers) is due to Islam, because Muslims are offended. So the geniuses decide to attack the cultural heritage of their own country and remove it from its traditions.

HS: In Helsinki there are no more than 50% of the city’s population that belong to the Church. In a nursery or school, a majority of children may be in some areas from Islamic families.

The director of early education in Helsinki, Satu Järvenkallas,emphasizes that all children in the group must be taken into account and no confessional religious education is organized.

Yeah, this is due solely to the intrusion of Islam into the daily lives of Finns in the southern areas of Finland, and the locals are caving in. The fact that only half belong to the church (many resigned for financial or other reasons, not spiritual) is a faux reason for the move. They’re merely using it as a cover for appeasing Muslim sensibilities. Later on when demographics change, ‘ethics’ will be replaced by Islamic teaching.


Ethics rather than religion

A new early education curriculum issued in August has removed any religious instruction for children in public daycare, replacing it with instruction in secular ethics.


Nationwide, 72% of the population are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and traditionally Lutheran local parishes, as well as some other denominations, have participated in early education programmes in public daycare centres.


Helsingin Sanomat reports that with the publication of the new curriculum, a number of municipalities put an end to all cooperation with religious groups.


Jorma Kauppinen, who heads up early education at the National Agency for Education, told the paper that this is an over-reaction and that there is no ban in place on cooperation with churches. However, he pointed out that the content of what parishes can provide has changed, “The basis of instruction is  neutrality, and daycare authorities must think very carefully about what kind of [educational] content serves this goal. On the other hand, many events organized by churches can be generally suitable for all.”


Helsingin Sanomat says many parishes are now working on creating new offerings for daycare centres that fulfill the new requirements, focusing on life skills and ethics that are suitable for all children.


The National Agency for Education is still in the process of creating specific guidelines detailing what this new policy will and will not allow.



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