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Finland: Police leadership skipping over unemployed ethnic Finns with better language skills to fill its ranks…….


This is nonsense…


The lie being accepted here is that you need people that ”look like us” in order to create a better image and contact with other portions of society. This is in fact racist thinking, a balkanizing of society, as well as return to tribalism.


Ronkainen: Orpo admits the immigrants’ being placed at the head of the line into the police profession


Finnish Speaker of Parliament Jari Ronkainen recently wrote a written question asking if immigrants are being placed at the head of the line for the police profession.


– I received a reply from Minister of the Interior Petteri Orpto , in which this is clearly admitted. Does the police leadership live in the red-green bubble created by the media? If so, then it’s really sad. Even the police profession, training and know-how are not left outside this, Ronkainen writes in his blog.


Special attention is paid to the recruitment of immigrants


This year, the police and police units will work with active recruitment efforts to increase the number of applicants for police training.


– There is nothing wrong with this, but it is a very good thing. The problem comes next at the point noted : “Special attention is paid to the recruitment of minorities and immigrants. Tangible recruitment activities are targeted at ethnic minorities, for example in the police units of Helsinki, West Uusimaa and Southwest Finland. “


– Immigrants are not one big group but consist of a large number of different groups. There are conflicts between them in their own countries where the police are not the same as us. This is really a big risk, Ronkainen warns.


Loose language requirements


Ronkainen believes that Finland does not need immigrant police just because of immigration. However, broad versatile language skills are not to be dismissed.


– Being placed at the head of the line comes in accordance with language skills. When the languages of Finnish or Swedish is spoken, their language skills must be demonstrated by language proficiency, and then the immigrant may also be placed ahead of the line to get into the police profession, Ronkainen wonders.


– At the same time, we have police officers in police school who are unemployed because they do not have sufficient language skills. This is about knowing Swedish. These unemployed are passed over by immigrants. Is this right?


“I think this is discrimination”


Ronkainen emphasizes that if immigrant police do not have to know Swedish, then this must be the case for everyone. For example, English as a second language may be sufficient.


– On the contrary, a less common language is by no means sufficient.


– I don’t support cutting in line, positive special treatment. I think it is discrimination. Although this matter falls under the Ministry of the Interior, this is such a big deal it should be discussed between the government parties, Ronkainen demands.

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