Israeli Arabs

Arab Israelis feature highly in crime according to study statistics…….


You see, it’s not just in Europe…


Yes, Arabs do create an existential threat on many levels.


Arab Israelis ‘prominently involved’ in serious crimes, police study finds

Public security minister blames Arab MKs for not doing enough to combat crime • Arab Israelis implicated in over half of the murders, attempted murders, arsons in Israel, study finds • Number of Arab Muslim police officers almost doubles in 2017.

Arab Israelis are “prominently involved” in violent crimes and in drug trafficking, Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh said Sunday, while presenting a new study to lawmakers.


According to the data, although Arab Israelis make up 21% of the population, their involvement in serious crimes is double or more that figure: Police statistics for 2017 show that Arab Israelis are involved in 57% of murder cases, 55% of attempted murder cases, and 59% of arson cases.


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