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UK: Tesco erroneously insists Muslims celebrate the same Christmas as Christians as well…….


Co-opting Christmas as well…


This is the result of gross ignorance or willful malfeasance, entertaining the fallacy of Muslims celebrating the “same Jesus” as Christians. It’s simply not the case. Their Jesus was not born of a virgin, is not the Son of God, he also comes back on the Last Day to Destroy Christianity. So why is it that Daily Mail calls these justified complaints sickening?


Everyone is welcome’: Tesco condemns sickening viewer complaints about advert featuring a Muslim family celebrating Christmas


Tesco has hit back at sickening viewer complaints it received after featuring a Muslim family in its Christmas advert – saying that ‘everyone is welcome’ at the supermarket. The advert – which was released on Sunday as part of the retailer’s ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ campaign – shows different families celebrating the festival as they dig into a Tesco turkey.


In one scene, a Muslim family greet each other with gifts as they prepare to celebrate the holiday. But the one-minute clip has faced a backlash after some viewers claimed that Muslims do not celebrate Christmas.


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