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Italy: Priest on Facebook in brouhaha over telling woman “if you swim in the piranha tank you cannot complain if you lose a limb”…….


Before reading this story, think of yourself first as a parent…


Think of yourself explaining to your daughter who wants to go to the center of town and hang around strange foreign men (who are not only deprived sexually, they embody the very patriarchal views of the Islamic world on females and sex that most in the West reject) get crazily drunk, and that that’s not the wisest of things to do. ”If you go out and do that, you’re unnecessarily bringing troubles upon yourself.”


That’s how I view the words of this priest, he’s not simplistically blaming the victim here, he’s highlighting the buffoonery of doming something that could only lead to one result, her own rape given all the examples of that happening in the last few years in Europe, as well as in the ME if a female were to do the same.


It’s like telling a couple of backpackers it’s not wise to wander around the hills of an Afghanistan loaded with Taliban, because the odds are that you’ll more than likely be kidnapped and held for ransom, or just murdered outright. Then after they’re kidnapped and the ransom paid, told by the person who warned them, see, I told you so.


Italian priest tells raped girl she asked for it


An Italian priest prompted outrage on Thursday by going on Facebook to tell a girl who said she had been raped that it was her fault for getting drunk and hanging around with immigrants.

“I’m sorry but if you swim in the piranha tank you cannot complain if you lose a limb,” Lorenzo Guidotti, a parish priest in Bologna wrote on the social media site, according to Italian media reports.


In a lengthy rant he chastised the underage girl, who had told police she had been raped by a North African man she had met in the city while drunk.


She said she was attacked by him and woke up later, half naked and with her bag gone.


“Sweetie, I’m sorry, but… you get revoltingly drunk… and then who do you go off with? A North African?” the priest said in the post, which was published by Italy’s main papers on their websites.


“Do you understand that, along with the alcohol, you’ve gulped down the ideological tirade about ‘welcoming everyone’?” he said in a reference to those who support Italy giving needy migrants shelter.


“Darling, at this point, waking up semi-naked is the least that could happen to you,” he added.


More here.


NOTE: This is not the same as the infamous ”cat meat” sheik in Australia who said women should be covered up or that they they’ll be guilty of their own rape. That’s an Islamic generality of men (not just in the ME), this is a specific thought about North African males in particular who are boozing it up like they’ve never had the opportunity before in their homelands, coming into contact with what they believe are loose Western women (whores in their thinking) high on booze themselves. It’s a recipe for disaster and yes, they do in some part bear responsibility for their actions.

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  1. As a mother, and with my knowledge of third world men’s behavior as well as that of other species of drunk men, I would under no circumstances allow my underage daughter out at night to get drunk with her equally underage girlfriends. I might be old fashioned but frankly little girls menses or not should not be going out drinking in clubs pubs bars or another public venue. So I blame the parents for not exercising common sense.

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