BRITAIN set to draft new deportation laws making it harder for EU criminals to stay in country after Brexit…….


You would think that it’s ‘no brainer’ that a sovereign nation would be able to deport foreign criminals…



Britain WILL be able to deport EU criminals after Brexit, Government papers reveal

BRITAIN is set to bring in a draft of new deportation laws to make it harder for EU criminals to stay in the country after Brexit, new Government papers have revealed.


The new rules mean EU citizens who are sentenced to more than a year in prison for crimes committed in the UK will be considered for deportation.


Under current rules, Brussels’ free movement policy means it’s considerably more difficult for UK authorities to deport EU citizens than other other foreign nationals.


The UK Government is required to show the criminals pose a “serious threat to the fundamental interests of society” before they can be deported.


Earlier this week it was revealed that just 217 prisoners from the European Union have been sent back home to serve their sentences since 2011.


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