Islam 101 Islam in the Netherlands Islamic brutality Islamic Child Abuse

Netherlands: Imam of Shane Mustafa Beachhead (mosque) caught on video beating children…….


Islam 101 = child abuse…


Imam beats Children in Class in Mosque


Imam Haroen K. van de Shane Mustafa moskee in Rotterdam. De voorganger bleek in Engeland een tiran in de klas, laten ook deze beelden zien. Een kind duikt in elkaar om klappen te ontwijken.


Haroen K. is the Imam of the Shane Mustafa in Mosque  Rotterdam. A video shown in the Dutch daily Telegraaf, shows how he beats children in a class taking place at the mosque. It now has come out that he was sentenced to 100 hours community service for hitting a child in the UK, where he had lived before moving to Holland. In the past he was also working at the Hijaz-commune in the UK. The founder of that commune has been accused by a Dutch woman of raping children.



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