How the (corrupted) FBI (leadership) Facilitated the Shift to Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) narrative…….


The FBI has been corrupted at the top, and the new director is trying to filter these Obama holdovers. It greatly explains why in the fight against Islamic jihad the FBI has hindered their law enforcement with the CVE.

How the FBI Facilitated the Shift to CVE


In October 2011, fifty-seven U.S. Muslim groups (including CAIR, ISNA, and MPAC) wrote a letter to then-White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan demanding, among other things, that all ‘biased’ government training materials be purged and all FBI agents be retrained. The signatories included Muslim Brotherhood front groups that were unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial. Brennan replied to the letter two weeks later pledging quick action.


At about the same time, then-FBI Director Robert Mueller promised to conduct a top-to-bottom review of the FBI’s counterterrorism training approach. The following month, the White House agreed to set up an interagency task force — inviting participation from signatories to the 2011 letter — to oversee counterterrorism efforts at the FBI. In this way, the enemy successfully got inside the wire.


In February 2012, a number of signatories to the letter met with Mueller for an update on the progress of what they called the ‘purge’. The FBI told them that it had eliminated more than 700 documents and 300 presentations from its training materials. (The numbers were later reported as 876 pages and 392 presentations.)


In March of that year, House Judiciary Committee staffers met with the person at the FBI handling the purge of counterterrorism materials. It was learned that the FBI had hired three anonymous outside contractors to review all of the FBI’s counterterrorism training materials. The FBI representative admitted that the FBI did not know whether the contractors were ‘good guys’ or not. The FBI provided the staffers with the FBI’s “guiding principles” for reviewing the materials (the “Touchstone” document ). The FBI’s principles in effect asserted that supporting a terrorist group that engages in violence is constitutionally protected if the group also engages in non-violent activity. This is completely contrary to a Supreme Court case (Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project) which held that nonviolent support for a terrorist group violates federal law. Moreover, you can’t very well ‘counter violent extremism’ if terrorist groups with any nonviolent activities whatsoever are off limits. Such principles hamstring counterterrorism agencies and shut down terrorism investigations.


Later, when Congress asked follow-up questions, the FBI started obstructing. When questions were asked about the identities and qualifications of the FBI’s outside experts, the FBI classified their names. When members of Congress asked for the purged training materials, they had to sign confidentiality agreements and go to a secure room at the FBI to view them under close monitoring.


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