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Finland: Helsingin Sanomat published sympathetic puff piece on Muttaqi Khan who’s connected to radical East London Mosque…….


It’s almost as if the HS is ignorant on purpose…


In a post on 7.11.2017 (yesterday) I posted on a story by the Helsingin Sanomat, (the NYT of Finland) which centered on the stories of two Muslims born in the Helsinki area, Muttaqi Khan and Sara Salmani (sister to Abbas Bahmanpour of the Resalat-mosque which is operated by the Iranian government).


The crux of the story was about their supposed difficulties of being Muslims in Finland, with instances of ‘islamofauxbia’ given as proof of their discrimination by the majority Christian Finns.


I’ve come to find out however, that Muttaqi Khan is heavily connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. In an even earlier story this year, Khan was mentioned in connection with the highly controversial ‘Grand Mosque’ plan for Helsinki (Oasis Center) which was (temporarily) nixed due to funding irregularities. The new mayor of the city promised to work against it.


Here, Muttaqi Khan, who sits on the board of the Young Muslims (Nuoret Muslimit ry) also mentions his involvement with the East London Mosque (ELM), a hot bed of Islamic supremacism, in connection to the planned grand mosque project in Helsinki:


Muttaqi Khan, who sits on the board of Young Muslims, an NGO that tries to empower young Muslim Finns, said about the mosque: “Overall it is a good project, but it’s not perfect.”
Khan, who spends his holidays in Whitechapel, east London, visiting his British-Bangladeshi family, compared the Oasis centre to the East London Mosque, the UK’s largest: “We’re skipping stages and going for a big mosque,” he explained.
“It took East London Mosque 100 years to evolve.”
Yet Khan said that the mosque will help young Finns to integrate better into Finnish society. “When I go to the UK and see the [East London] mosque I feel the connection” between the Muslim community and the rest of society. “There is a feeling of acceptance there.”

Muqatti Khan belongs to the board of the Oasis Foundation founded for the grand mosque. He also leads the Nuoret Muslimit ry, which is related to FEMYSO, a Muslim Brotherhood youth branch in the FIOE. Muttaqi often travels to London where his uncle has a position in East London mosque.


Also, Muttaqi Khan works at the Lutheran Helsingin Diakonissalaitos (Helsinki Deaconess Institute). As I have reported earlier, the Lutheran Church has been heavily influenced/infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood operatives over the past decade, most noticeably, last year  Finnish Lutheran Church’s ”Finn Church Aid (KUA) visited the United States with Muslim Brotherhood operatives to meet with Nihad Awad, the director of CAIR, a de facto Hamas (MB) affiliate.

finland muslims travel to Hamas linked cair 2016

finland muslims travel to cair 2016 nihad awad


Muqatti’s father, Abdul Kuddus Khan, is an imam at the mosque, Finland Islamic Cultural Center (Masjid Darul Aman), which featured his brother, Imam from the East London Mosque over three years ago in Dec of 2013, Imam Moulana Abul Hussain Khan. The East London Mosque is related to the Muslim Brotherhood and its Pakistani cooperator Jamaat-e-Islam.



“Alhamdulillah we have found a lot of Allah loving people in our Winter Program : Islamic knowledge, question and answering session by a famous Islamic scholar Moulana Abul Hossain Khan, Imam east London mosque, England. Masjid Darul aman was full with our dear Muslim brothers and sisters. In sha Allah we will get rewards from Allah SWT and hope to enter to the jannah together.”



Also, the mosque in Eurantie, Finland Islamic Cultural Center, had an active role in anti-Israel demonstration in the summer of 2014, when Syksy Räsänen gave a vitriolic laced speech at the Finnish Parliament House steps and while Paleface and Sadek Elwan posed with fingers upright.


sadek ilwan 3


So here we have it, the Helsingin Sanomat uses a well connected Muslim Brotherhood operative (as did state news YLE) in a story meant to produce sympathy for hardcore Islamic supremacists. Either the Helsingin Sanomat is completely ignorant of these connections, or they couldn’t care less. The infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in Western societies is THE story waiting to be investigated, if only a news organization (at least here in Finland) would be curious enough to do the groundwork and expose these hardcore operatives.


Still waiting for the HS to get involved in some serious groundbreaking journalism.


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