Finland: Terror crimes in court today for leaving to fight jihad in Syria for Islamic (nazi) State…


Sure wish we had a GITMO of our own.


Terror crimes in court today: Finnish men left for Syria – one of them died

Monday 6.11.2017 at 08.27

According to the Central Bureau of Investigation, five men planned to leave and eventually three men fought in Syria in the ranks of the terrorist organization.

 Terrorism-related crimes are being handled this week in the Helsinki District Court.

  • Today, the Helsinki District Court will begin a discussion on the departure of five Finns for Syria in 2013.
  • Men are suspected of going to fight in the ranks of the terrorist organization.
  • According to KRP, eventually three men fought in Syria. One of them died in battle.


The Central Bureau of Investigation announced last week that five Finns suspected of crimes related to terrorism. Men are suspected of going to fight Syria in the ranks of the terrorist organization.


On Monday, money issues will be discussed. The four men are suspected of making VAT fraud while collecting money for the trip. Fraud is suspected of being associated with construction companies in the name of some of the suspects.


In Finland, the men had prepared a trip, for example, by acquiring cars and equipment. The men suspected of criminal activity had set up an aid association suspected of being used as a cover.


When a group had to leave Syria in summer 2013, one of the men decided not to leave and left the group. Other men left Finland in June.


One went back to Finland before the group arrived in Syria. The other members of the group arrived in Syria in the beginning of June 2013 and are suspected of being involved in terrorist groups.


One died in battle

One suspect is suspected of a terrorist recruiting offense, preparing for a terrorist crime, and providing training for a terrorist offense. There is another suspected of recruiting for the commission of a terrorist offense and for the preparation of a terrorist crime and for the preparation of a third offense for terrorist purposes.


Four suspects have not been caught in a pre-trial investigation, and they have been imprisoned in this regard as an absentee of a suspected crime for the purpose of training for terrorist offenses and for murder for terrorist purposes.


According to the KRP, the fifth suspect died in thr war in Syria in early 2014. His death announcement was published on the Isis organization’s martyrdom site.


The US and Swedish authorities have assisted the Finnish authorities in the investigation.



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