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UK: Gang of illegal aliens jailed for 33 years combined for luring/abusing young girls in ‘sex grooming’ case…….


Why in the world are these people allowed to flout UK borders?


Here’s some advice for British leaders, pretend that it’s 1938 and Hitler has just invaded Poland, and WWII is on, protect yourselves now as you did back then. You act as if you have no military or border control at all.


Gang of illegal Kurdish migrants who lured girls to sex parties with free drugs and alcohol then demanded sexual favours are jailed for 33 years

  • Palla Pour, 25, and Ribas Asad, 29, were found guilty of child sex offences 
  • Soran Azizi, 28, was convicted of trafficking in Newcastle, in the North East 
  • Saman Obaid, 26, was convicted of four offences of supplying controlled drugs 
  • Young and naive girls lured to parties and attacked between 2007 and 2014
  • All the Kurdish men had entered the UK illegally before claiming asylum
  • Judge sentenced the gang to a total of 32 years and nine months in jail


A sex and drugs gang of four Kurdish illegal immigrants who groomed and abused five girls as young as 13 were jailed for 33 years today.


Young and ‘naive’ victims were lured to parties in Newcastle and gatherings at houses and flats, where alcohol and drugs were freely available, and they were expected to provide sexual favours and services in return.


The victims were ‘forced’ at other times or were so intoxicated they were unable to consent to what happened to them.


The five girls, aged between 13 and 16, were treated as ‘commodities’, passed around various men and sometimes believed they were in relationships with their abusers.


The men, who all entered the UK illegally before claiming asylum hid behind code names such as ‘Star’ ‘Pablo’ and ‘Shark Tooth’ while targeting the vulnerable girls.

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