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Sweden: Daycare worker fined for ”incitement” for playing Pippi Longstocking audio to children during music class…….


FM Paavo Tajukangas: 


Daycare worker fined for incitement-played Pippi Longstocking to children


a Swedish day-care center worker was charged with incitement for playing Pippi Longstocking to children.


The events started in the library where the day-care center took the children. There they were seated in music class to listen to Pippi. Things were going well, until a passer-by intervened and ended it.


At court, the day-care center worker was given a fine for incitement because Longstocking was speaking about ”negroes” and “how they are dressed”. It was all the more egregious by the fact that the kindergarten claims it’s a multicultural kindergarten on its website.



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