Mosque goer who knew NYC jihadi mass murderer ”totally got what he did”…….

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‘I totally get what he did’: Mosque-goer who knew terror truck driver rails against President Bush’s Middle East policy – but says he’s a Trump supporter

  • Worshipper Abu Mohammad knew terror truck driver Sayfullo Saipov, 29
  • Omar Mosqu-goer said he last saw Saipov at the mosque about two months ago
  • Railed against U.S. foreign policy in Middle East while talking to
  • ‘I totally get what he did,’ Abu said of the suspect. ‘It’s in response to Muslims dying every day as a result of this ongoing conflict’
  • NYPD had reportedly been studying the Omar Mosque in Paterson as a possible location for ‘budding terrorist conspiracies’
  • On Wednesday, one of Saipov’s neighbor said he saw him and his two male friends driving around in a Home Depot truck as recently as two days ago 
  • Uzbekan immigrant Saipov killed eight and injured 12 in lower Manhattan after using a truck vehicle to plow down innocent people on Halloween 
Abu Mohammad says he 'totally gets what he [Saipov] did'

Abu Mohammad says he ‘totally gets what he [Saipov] did’


A worshipper who knew terror truck driver Sayfullo Saipov and attended the same mosque says he ‘totally gets what he did’.


Abu Mohammad, who stopped to talk to after leaving afternoon prayer service at the Omar Mosque in Paterson, New Jersey, on Wednesday, said he last saw the suspect at the mosque about two months ago and first set eyes on him there two years back.


‘I didn’t know him by name, but I would see him there every two to three months,’ the 46-year-old Pakistani national, said.


A cement mixer by trade and living in the U.S. now for nearly three decades, Abu described the murder suspect as having a ‘beautiful smile, was a nice guy, and someone who never cursed. He called me brother and I did the same back at him.’


Abu railed against the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, particularly blaming the President Bush senior and son era for escalating tensions.

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