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Finland: Anonymous cop blows lid on police force’s hate speech squad, wrong opinion algorithms, allocating funds from solving crimes…….


Spending money on monitoring people’s opinions online, when they should be tracking criminals on the streets…


It’s the sole reason as to why I took to calling them politicized long before I realized others in Finland were doing the exact same themselves. It’s as plain as the nose on your face.

There are already 200 policemen who are “wrong opinion” Stasi-like cops! I saw a headline in the blog post by former MP Reijo Tossainen.

Police officers are concerned about the police’s publicity – hate speech police officers chip away confidence in the police’s impartiality and objectivity


At the same time as police leadership and the Police Administration are harnessing an increasing part of the police’s resources to fight against hate speech, there is growing concern in the everyday life of ordinary police officers. Rivals are afraid that the public will lose confidence in the organization of the entire police as a result of political hate speech campaigns.


– There is concern about what the organization looks like, an anonymous experienced field police officer who we call ”Artturi” told Suomenuutiset for this story. His views expressed in this interview reflect the general mood among line officers.


According to Artturi, the police are still trying to be as objective and impartial as possible regardless of party or ethnic background, and the public still has no reason to not trust the impartiality of police officers.


Police have a lot in the game because the profession has been at the top criticism from year to year. Police also got the top spot this year in a professionally deemed survey in Ilta-Sanomat .


Police resources are biasedly guided


– But where do the police concentrate resources? is it that it’s more interested in certain types of crime at the expense of others, Artturi is thinking.


In practice, this is reflected, for example, in the fact that so much attention has been paid to the so-called “hate speech” of the majority population, even though the violence against the immigrant population has not increased. At the same time, citizens have become accustomed to the fact that, for example, ordinary property offenses, such as bicycle theft are not investigated at all.


On the other hand, the fight against the disseminating of hatred of the majority population has received far less resources, even though such hatred has already led to Finland’s first terrorist attack.


According to Jouni J. Niskanen , head of the hate speech group of the Helsinki Police Department who was earlier interviewed by Suomen Uutiset , there are no people with skills in Somali or Arabic. The group is reliant on interpreting services and international assistance.


Under the law, it is much harder to follow what imams preach within the four walls of the mosques than to sift through the twitter accounts. The use of the Internet has also been developed with state-of-the-art technology such as the Aalto University’s wrong opinions algorithm, a hate speech machine . According to Artturi, the Security Police also try to follow the religious extremists, but in practice it is difficult.




No one seems to know how many cyber-police there are. Of course, anyone who has been given training in the identification of hate speech and the monitoring of online phenomena is not full-time sitting on the net. However, the police have never been told how many work hours the police all in all use to connect on the Internet.


Artturi thinks that hate speech police is an attempt to give a mental image of pervasive control. Self-censorship is always much more effective than punishing a poster.
“It is political saber rattling, to make it believed that there are more hate speech police than in reality.


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