Islam in Denmark MUSLIM SETTLERS

Denmark: Police intervene to rescue Danish immigration minister from rejected Muslim settler mob at asylum center…….


Getting them out of the country seems to be an ever increasing problem. Send in the military.


Faced with 40 furious migrants, a Danish minister forced to flee a detention center for her safety

2:19 p.m.

Police and security have had to intervene to help the Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration to escape the aggression of a bellicose mob of failed asylum seekers, outraged by her decision to focus attention on a only family in the detention center.


On Friday, Denmark’s Minister of Immigration, Integration and Housing, Inger Støjberg, was photographed at the Sjælsmark detention center on the island of North Zealand. A group of failed asylum seekers surrounded her.


“When we went out after the visit, the atmosphere started to become aggressive. The occupiers started to gather around Støjberg, “said journalist Martin Torpe, a witness on the scene, quoted by DR.


A crowd of about 40 rejected asylum seekers, waiting to be deported, showed their fury to the Danish minister.


Intelligence and security of the minister and the police began to cross the crowd as they escorted him to the car. The crowd became more enraged and tried to stop him from leaving by blocking the car. In a video of the incident posted by DR, a woman can be seen jumping under the wheels of the moving vehicle, which does not stop. Police said the woman was only slightly injured and her injuries would not be serious.

H/T: Junes Lokka

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