Finland Media malfeasance Media Skullduggery

Finnish media awards journo on story surrounding Finns party break up, while Muslim Brotherhood in Finland is a story in waiting…….


The Finns party, or the shenanigans of any other party or politicians, pales in comparison to the Islamonazi network that’s infiltrated Finland…


Follow the bouncing ball Finnish media, it’s not that difficult, Muslims from Finland are openly meeting Muslim Brotherhood connected operatives in the US. These are not good people, they’re for total societal transformation, no matter how long it takes.



The non-Muslim lackeys that are helping them are the ones you should be concentrating your efforts on. If not for political correctness and extreme mediocrity, these dangerous types would have been rolled ages ago.


Top press prize goes to…


Finally Tampere region paper Aamulehti reports on one of its own native sons this Friday, as AL and Lännen Media politics reporter Lauri Nurmi was awarded the Suomen KuvalehtiJournalism Award, the oldest and highest honour in Finland’s media industry. It was handed out for the 43rd time at the Korjaamo venue in Helsinki.


Nurmi received the 10,000-euro prize for “shaking up the field” and writing the biggest scoop of the year, namely the news that the Finns Party would splinter and some 20 MPs would leave if far-right politico Jussi Halla-aho were elected chair.


The award organisers also noted the hefty amount of groundwork the journalist carried out which enabled him to document the fractures of the party as it broke in two.


“It took years of network-building and hard work to get the sources and information needed for the piece,” Nurmi himself said at the award ceremony.



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