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Foreign student aged 20 arrested on murder charges in Eastern Finland……..


No mention of the exact background of this foreign male.


In Mikkeli, a 20-year-old man was suspected of murder

In South Savo, a 20-year-old man suspected of murder was arrested in Mikkeli, according to the East Finland Police Department.


The man is suspected of killing another man with a knife in Mikkeli on Wednesday night about six o’clock in the morning. The suspected case occurred in a small apartment building on Raviradantie (street).


The police say in a news release that they have taken the suspected man from the crime scene. He did not give any resistance.


– The scene has been cordoned off, and the police have conducted an on-site technical crime scene investigation in the evening and conducted eyewitness interviews, the police press announcement says.


According to the police, other people are not suspected in the crime.


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  1. Sounds like an assassination to me…. Countries usually act on the basis of equal retaliation. False and missing details on countries involved might point towards that.

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