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Swedish utopia takes major hit, situation so bad that the police need protection…….




Sweden promises better protection for police after string of attacks

The Swedish government wants to better protect the country’s police officers, with Justice Minister Morgan Johansson outlining plans to crack down further on gang crime.

His statements come in the wake of several attacks on police stations and officers’ homes.


On Saturday, a man was arrested for attempted murder in Västerås after firing at least 12 shots at a police officer’s home, and on the same night a police station in Växjö, southern Sweden was attacked with fireworks and cobblestones.


Earlier this month, a police station in the southern Swedish city of Helsingborg was badly damaged by a powerful explosion, and in August, a man stabbed a police officer in an unprovoked attack in the centre of Stockholm. Several of these attacks are thought to be linked to local gangs.


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