Islamic terrorism

NYC: Five friends visiting from Argentina for 30th anniversary of their school graduation were mowed down by devout islamonazi jihadi…….


Calling a spade a spade…


Five men killed in the New York truck terror attack were best friends visiting from Argentina for the 30th anniversary of their school graduation

The terrorist who mowed down more than a dozen civilians in New York on Tuesday afternoon killed five friends who were visiting the city from Argentina on a school reunion.


Hernán Diego Mendoza (far left), Alejandro Damián Pagnucco (second from left), Ariel Erlij (third from left), Diego Enrique Angelini (second from right) and Hernán Ferruchi (third from right) were all killed when Uzbek man Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, allegedly drove for 17 blocks down a bicycle path in a scenic area of Manhattan’s West Side.


A sixth man in the group, Martin Ludovico Marro (not pictured), was also hospitalized in the incident, which killed a total of eight people and injured at least 15. Even more tragically, Erlij, who runs a steel mill in Argentina, had paid out of his own pocket to ensure two of the members of the group could be there, local news reported.


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