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CSP: Al-Shabaab claim car bombings at hotel in Mogadishu…….


Do we really want to see this play out on our streets as well?


Al-Shabaab Claims Car Bombings at Hotel in Mogadishu

Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the latest series of car bombings in Mogadishu, which killed at least 29 civilians and wounded 40 on October 28th.


The two car bombings targeted Naso-Hablod Hotel, and after the explosions, five jihadists stormed the building, leading to a 12-hour siege with Somali security forces.


The Somali forces regained control of the hotel on Sunday morning, arresting 3 fighters while 2 others were killed after detonating explosive vests after they were shot.


The day after the attack, the Somali government fired the country’s chief of intelligence and police commissioner in an attempt to restore public confidence.


The latest attack took place ahead of a planned meeting to try to defuse tensions between the federal government and regional states. Somalia has a federal system which grants substantial autonomy to constituent states. Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed was supposed to attend a meeting at the hotel with the leaders of the country’s five federal states before the bombings occurred.


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